Where to certify true copy attestation in Dubai

True copy Attestation Dubai – Legal attestation

Certified true copy attestation of documents is very important requirement for immigration application. If you are applying for Canada immigration. You will be asked for certified true copy attestation of degree certificates, experience letters, passport copies and other documents. Certified true copy attestation is Xerox copies of original documents which is stamped and legalized by a legal consultant or lawyer. At attestation services Dubai, we offer certified true copy attestation services for all types of Canada immigration documents. All the documents are verified and certified within couple of minutes and handed over to client same day. We are requiring original documents to be given to us for checking and verification purposes in order we can certified and notarize document as true copy an original document. The bank abroad may also request you for certified true copy attestation of personal identity document, or proof of address. Certified true copy is attestation is so called notarized copy by bank as well. Identity document which are certified as true copy are; passport, ID, national or international id, driving license, health card. Proof of address documents which are certified are; utility bills, dewa bills, sewa bill, telephone bill an others. The bank always sees the stamp and chop of notary or lawyer over the document submitted to them. The certified true copies of document have the stamp which says that the original document has been sighed and we as legal firm certified and certify this Xerox copy of original as true copy. Attestation services Dubai is offered certified true copy attestation services and notarization services to its esteemed client with reliable attestation and a best timeframe. Attestation services Dubai offers premium certified true copy attestation services in Dubai which you can avail the service requesting an appointment to visit your place. One of our team member will visit your place and certify your documents. In case of visiting your place for certified true copy attestation, there is an extra charge for transportation and skipping other tasks and giving priority to your certified true copy attestation required. Book an appointment now.

True copy attestation Dubai

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