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Notary Services Dubai. Attestation services Dubai offers notarization and legal attestation. Notarization is an integral part of a lot of processes that include legal and government proceedings. Notarization is a type of verification of a document that the document signed and certified is a legit document. Without legalization or notarization, a document does not bear its legal value. Notarization is the authentication of documents by government officials, sometimes authorized firms authenticate documents.

Notary services Dubai. Attestation services Dubai is here to offer you wide range of services. Our services are developed to provide individuals and businesses with the convenience of selecting and getting legal attestation services done quickly. Our notarization service is to attest legal documents such as passports, Emirates ID, utility bills, degrees, certificates, licenses, and commercial documents.

Your Needs and Our Services – Notary Services Dubai

We are an officially authorized firm to provide legal services including Advocacy, and legal attestation services in Dubai. Attestation Services Dubai provides Notary services including public and private Notary services in Dubai for all your legal needs. If you have confusion regarding attestation, contact our office, and we’ll give you proper guidance, absolutely free of cost. We are available to notarize, Certify documents for Personal or corporate requirements. We are certified officials to provide notarization services on specific documents. To get your documents attested and certified. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that your meeting and appointment go as planned:

Whatever documents you need to get certified, make sure you provide an original copy to us beforehand
Submitting original documents; such as passports, Emirates IDs, Certificates, degrees, or any other official document can be certified as a true copy, and notary services Dubai opted as needed.
After verification of original documents, in return certified copies are given back with the original. Certified and attested copies contain legal stamps which confirm the legal value of a copy that can be submitted for any of the requirements.

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Immigration Document Notarization – Notary Services Dubai

Attestation services Dubai enabled to offer notary services Dubai For people who want to apply to foreign countries for studies, work, vacation, or any other purposes. Several documents need legal attestation on it. Attestation Services Dubai provides notarization of documents for the following countries:

• Canada
• United Kingdom
• Australia
• Dominica
• The Caribbean Islands
• Grenada
• United States of America
• Spain

It has been a growing need to get all legal documents attested and verified by the right authorities. Here at Attestation Services Dubai, we help all our clients get through this hassle with ease. The process of document attestation and notarization is very important, especially when it comes to immigration. A vast majority are choosing to file for immigration to other countries for various purposes, and for that, they need to get their papers notarized.

Attestation services Dubai is a pioneer advisory company, as we are specialized in investor programs that help in obtaining residence and citizenship in different countries. We have been assisting hundreds of individuals, companies, and families to acquire second citizenship through investment. You can rest assured when you get in touch with us since we have held the strongest credentials and are also acknowledged by the Government authorities.

The Investment Budget

For the citizenship program, there is a need for a considerable amount of financial investment. The type of investment majorly depends on the country you’re moving to along with other factors. For instance, if you’re willing to invest in Government bonds, business setup, contributing to a Government fund, or real estate.
You can get your immigration documents notarized for these countries from us. These included Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, ST. Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, Grenada, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, and many others.

Types of Documents You Need To Get Notarized For Immigration – Notary services Dubai

There are several kinds of documents you can get attested from us. These include passports, identity papers issued by Government institutions, utility bills, telephone bills, bank statements, photos, tenancy agreements, degrees, experience letters, reference letters, Proof of address, declarations, gift deeds, and affidavits. Moreover, we also witness and certify all official and legal documents that are used outside of the country. Our witnessing & True Copy Attestation services are for this purpose entirely.

All the certification of documents is done based on the original documents. You can bring us the original copy of the authentic document and get it attested after we have verified it. Our legal counselors act as witnesses to signatures for personal or corporate documents regularly used outside the country and offer notary services Dubai.

Different applications to the public authority and private establishments.
Arrangements and agreements.
Property/resource deal and buy agreements and deeds.
Affirmations and vows.
Application structures
Organization goals
Affidavits and oaths.
Application forms

In the event that your record doesn’t fall under the above classes, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us to see whether we can go about as observers of your archive. When the record is endorsed by our client within the sight of one of our legal advisors, the attorney likewise signs and stamps the document to affirm that he/she has signed in front of us, and has been identified by original identification documents Emirates ID, Passport, etc.