Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai

Certified True copy attestation is highly important for any business. This has been made a requirement for several purposes. Certified True Copy attestation in Dubai is done by lawyers and legal entities. This is basically legal terminology used to refer to the replica of original documents. This is a photocopy of the original document, and it is signed and stamped by a lawyer, who confirms that the document is an authentic copy. These true copies are usually needed when the original documents cannot be submitted to the authorities who have requested the document. Obtaining a certified copy is important, but how you do it depends on the law of the country, the type of document, and the purpose of authentication.

The Documents that we Certify/Notarize as a True copy

There are various documents that are notarized as a true copy in which the most common types of documents are; proof of address, proof of identity, proof of business, personal, and commercial documents, etc. Following documents can be notarized as a true copy. The original is required to be submitted in order to get a notarized copy of the concerned document.

  • Passports
  • Utility bills & Telephone bills
  • Degrees & Certificates,
  • Transcripts & Mark sheets
  • School certificates & Pass Certificates
  • Experience letters & Reference letters
  • Tenancy contracts & Rental agreement
  • The affidavit, Declarations, Affirmations, applications for Immigration of Canada, UK, Australia, Dominica, USA, Czech republic e.t.c

Why True Copy Attestation in Dubai is so important

A true copy of legal documents is an important method for the authentication of documents in the UAE. Here at Attestation Services Dubai, we receive requests from clients where they need to submit their documents to different third parties, government authorities, banks, and other regulatory institutions. The vast majority of clients choose to request certified true copies when they need to prepare their documents for immigration to countries like Portugal, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Dominica, and others. Apart from this, people also bring requirements when they apply for opening bank accounts, setting up off-shore companies, or submission of legal documents in the courts.

certified true copy attestation in dubai

Passport True Copy Attestation in Dubai

The certified true copy of the passport in Dubai is actually the original replica of the original passport issued by the lawyer/Solicitor. When you get the true copy attestation for your passport, the lawyer will verify your original document in person, make a copy of the passport and then certify this copy. The lawyers in most cases will place their stamp on the true copies of documents. This passport certification will be needed for a plethora of processes or transactions you may need to carry outside the country. The lawyer has to verify the photo on your passport, you are needed to visit the lawyer in person so that they can be sure that the photo on the passport is your true reflection. However, if the photo is not to be certified, any other person on your behalf can present your original passport to the lawyer to get it attested.

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