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Certified True Copy Attestation In UAE

We offer reliable attestation services in the UAE. You can get your documents attested from us within the same day. Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai.

Attestation Services

Notarization Services

We do Notarization of personal documents such as passport copies, utility bills, slips certificates, transcripts, etc.

certified true copy attestation services in Dubai


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Attestation Services Dubai

Attestation Services Dubai is your trusted legal partner in Dubai. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers dedicated to providing comprehensive document attestation services, legal attestation, and certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. we offer our expertise to individuals, businesses, and organisations seeking reliable and efficient attestation solutions.

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Attestation Services Dubai – Documents Attestation Services

Attestation Services Dubai offers a complete range of certified true copy attestation services in Dubai, Notary services in Dubai, Legal services, attestation and authentication services, and advocacy services for UAE residents and expats. Attestation Services Dubai provides legal attestation services in Dubai. Our vast experience of years and detailed knowledge of local UAE laws, Dubai laws, labor laws, and international and national laws have helped us create an extensive clientele. We serve clients from all business and industry sectors, including real estate, construction, engineering, banking, media, and many others.

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Attestation Done on time, always.

Attestation Services

We offer reliable attestation services in the UAE. You can get your documents attested from us within the same day.

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Certified true copy attestation services in UAE

Notarisation Services

Notarisation of personal documents such as passport copies, utility bills, slips certificates, transcripts, etc.

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Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai

Witnessing of Signature

Attestation of Declarations, affidavits, affirmations, consent letters, power of attorney, application forms

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Certified True Copy Attestation Services in Dubai – Attestation Simplified & Fast

Simple legal processes can become complications in the minds of those who aren’t associated with the field of law. Whether you are visiting for a conference, job opportunity, investment purpose, or generally visiting UAE, choosing us will make your stay here smooth and pleasant. Our goal is to make legal matters easily understandable to our clients.

Choosing us will give you the proper document notarization and attestation for you to use conveniently. We help make the documentation processes so easy and manageable that it’s not even an issue for our clients.

We are Legal Consultants

Our team of experienced Legal Consultants can attest your all types of documents. you can trust us for the following documents attestation in UAE. Online services may give you ease to have our documents processed remotely

  • Notary Services
  • Passport Copy Attestation Services
  • Affidavits Legalization
  • Declarations witnessing
  • Proof of Address Notarization
  • Personal Documents Attestation
  • Corporate documentation attestation services
  • Proof of Identity documents attestation and certification
  • Drafting of Power of attorney
  • Attestation of Power of attorney
  • Legal Consultation

NOTARISATION and Attestation

Is attestation and notarisation a necessary process? And where can you get it?

Attestation and notarization services in Dubai play a crucial role in the legal process by certifying the authenticity of signatures, legalizing documents, and certifying the translations. These services are provided by notary public and private law firms. They are essential for individuals and businesses in the city, as they help ensure the legality and authenticity of important documents.

The process may vary depending on the type of documents and the purpose of attestation or notarization but typically involves the verification of identities, proper execution of documents, and affixing of seals and signatures by authorized officials. It is important to choose a reputable and recognized service provider for attestation and notarization services in Dubai to ensure the process is done accurately and efficiently.

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Attestation services in Dubai encapsulate a wide range of legal drafting and attestations. These legal documents include power of attorney, MOA (memorandum of association), an amendment to the Memorandum of Association, endorsement of signature, declarations, sales, and purchase contracts, job offers, legal notices, and several others. You can easily proceed with all the legal procedures and transactions through the online platform, using the official website. It must be noted that legal procedures are quite tedious and they take a lot of time and effort. However, the ease of the online platform will save you a great deal of time. If you have any attestation or notarization service needs, you can always approach us through email, phone number, or contact form.


Hear from our Happy Customers

“I recently used an attestation services Dubai, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the level of efficiency and professionalism. They handled the attestation of my documents for international use seamlessly.”


“I needed my educational and personal documents attested for a job opportunity abroad, and I couldn’t have asked for a better service than the one I found in Dubai. The attestation process can be quite daunting, but this company made it incredibly smooth. “

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We offer a wide range of Attestation Services

Notarization and Authentication

General Affidavits, Affidavits for various purposes including declarations for various purposes are notarised in our office. Affirmations, consent letters, passport copies, utility bills, certificates degrees, experience letters, salary slips, and reference letters are attested as well

Immigration Documents Attestation

Get your Europe immigration documents notarized by us. We offer notary services to our esteemed clients. Applications, Affidavits, Declarations, Statutory declarations, and experience letters are attested for Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Dominica. Foreign documents attestation

UAE Certified True Copy

We offer certified true copy attestation in Dubai. You can now get your duplicate records authenticated and verified via our attestation services for all Corporate and personal documents. The Certified true copy is provided by our firm on the spot upon submission of documents

Private Notary Services

Government-regulated law firms can act as private notaries. The government prefers residents of the UAE to have easy procedures. Our clients can now avail of Private Notary Services via our firm. you can reach for all types of document notarization either corporate, personal, or official documentation

Legal Services

Our clients can consult us for any UAE-related legal matters. We’d be happy to assist them in any way possible. Our team of professional legal consultants is experienced with UAE laws and assists our clients with foreign legal documentation. Foreign documents are verified and attested in the office

Attestation Services

The UAE government is very particular about the documentation. Our firm offers attestation services in Dubai so that paperwork and attestation aren’t an issue for those who wish to stay here. Be it a birth certificate, educational certificate, or any certification for that matter.

True copy attestation notary public

Certified True copies of documents are done by the notary public and registered lawyer in Dubai.

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