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Attestation & NOTARIzATION

Legal services Dubai. The city has been generating a great amount of its revenue from tourism, property marketing, and financial services. Some time ago, the place was only famous for producing and selling oil to the whole world. However, Dubai has now diversified away from oil only, as it seeks to provide unprecedented tourism and business opportunities to investors and businessmen from around the world. The World Economic Forum has regarded Dubai as the

Second safest country in the world Just like any other developed nation, Dubai also has a well-structured legal system and jurisdiction of its own. This is why it’s important for any business owner or investor to get in touch with a reputable lawyer in Dubai. Attestation Services Dubai has the expertise and the needed knowledge to provide all the necessary services. These services encapsulate criminal cases, civil cases, labor law cases, litigation, arbitration, tax consultancy, and cases regarding intellectual property.


Avail of the best litigation services from our experts as we help in filing lawsuits in court. Every plaintiff takes their case against the defendant to court. However, we prefer to arrive at a conclusion through arbitration – an out-of-court settlement.

Real Estate and Property Marketing

All matters like transfer of property, purchasing, and succession of property are a part of Real Estate. Identifying legal developments is a part of our job, and you can always trust us for matters pertaining to real estate.

Civil Law

This is all about disputes between people, which include legal contracts, property agreements, and family law matters. At Attestation Services Dubai, we work with all our clients in an effective way to resolve all complex cases.

Criminal Law

This category includes all the regulations that explain conducts prohibited by the Government. These actions are labeled as a threat to the safety of people, property, fraudulent activities, theft, and defamation. According to Dubai lawyers, criminal cases include inchoate crimes, domestic crimes, property issues, drug-related problems, and much more.

Notary public attestation services in Dubai

Property Rentals

As one of the most renowned lawyers in Dubai, we offer our technical expertise for sourcing, copyrights, trade secrets, data privacy, patents, and security.


Protection against financial losses is extremely important for any business. When you’re coming to Dubai, you will need consultancy regarding all the different types of insurance, which include travel insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. We have been helping large-scale businesses as well as individuals on a wide spectrum of insurance-related issues.

Tax Consultancy

Dubai has very stringent laws regarding tax returns for every business. At Attestation Services Dubai, our legal consultants are skilled and highly experienced in submitting tax returns and dealing with all matters of tax.