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Attestation & NOTARIzATION

Legal Translation Dubai. Attestation Services Dubai offers Legal attestation, legal dating, and Notary Services in Dubai. A Power of Attorney also referred to as POA, is a legal document in which one party (the principal) puts another party (the attorney or agent) to act on their behalf for some very important matters. These matters include real estate, bank accounts, the matter pertaining to vehicles, businesses, and more.

Attestation services Dubai

Here at Attestation Services Dubai, we have been providing a wide range of POA services for a long time. Our great experience in the field of attestation services in the UAE makes us one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in the region. Our broad array of POA services includes drafting and attesting documents for our clients. This will help you remain safe from any

Hassle regarding the issuance of a simple Power of attorney. The vast majority of business people and other individuals feel reluctant while appointing an agent. Trust issues are why this problem occurs. If you’re also encountering the same problem, you can get in touch with us and have us represent you in several situations. We have been licensed and acknowledged by the Dubai authorities, and you can always rely on us.
Legal translation Dubai

Our goal remains clear; we want to make your experience as efficient and convenient as possible. There’s no doubt that time is the most valuable asset for any individual, and we make sure our clients do not have to come across any sort of issues. This is why we have worked to develop a platform that allows you to get in touch with a POA online from the ease of your workplace or home.

Know that the Power of Attorney used in UAE can only be in Arabic completely, or in bilingual Arabic-English legal translation. For that, we have a team of highly skilled legal translators, who will only make the process much easier for you. Apart from that, we can also notarize your POA.