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Notary services Dubai – Notarizations services in Dubai

Notarization of documents is part of attestation, it contain various process of legal documentation process. Notarization of document is required to know the validity of document and authenticity. Notarization is important process for any application submitted. The application could be rejected if the document is not notarized and attested. The application could be varying from person to person and company to company. If you submit a visa application for Canada, and you have submitted documents without notarization and attestation, the visa application could be rejected which may lead you to lose of money and time which is very important. Therefore, it is recommended to submit notarized and attested documents for if required/requested by concerned authority. Attestation services Dubai is here to assist you with all types of notarization services for Immigration, banking, company setup, real estate transaction, letter, deeds, affidavits, declaration, Certification, reference letter and many other documents. Notary services in Dubai is very important is if you are looking to have document legally accepted. Notarization of document has different process, it should be done from public notary, ministry of foreign affairs, consulate etc. Each document has unique process of notarization and attestation for example: One document which is need for Dubai visa application that has to be attested by your home country, United Arab Emirates embassy in your home country, and ministry of foreign affairs in Dubai. The process may take some days depending on your service provider. All documents that is used abroad need attestation and notarization in order to confirm its authenticity and validity. And each document has different process. Attestation services Dubai is complete notary services provider, certified true copy attestation services provider in Dubai. Notarization of documents either personal or commercial. Personal documents could be birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, educational certificates, degrees, certificates, experience letters etc. Commercial documents could be Invoices, packing list, trade license, power of attorney, reference letter etc. Attestation services Dubai can be reached via message, call, whatsapp or filling our form on our website. Our team member with approach you back with your requirements.

Notary services Dubai

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