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True copy Attestation – notary services Dubai

when you are applying for immigration to Canada, Australia, UK, or others you may be required to have notary services in Dubai. All the documents should be certified and attested by a notary public or a registered lawyer. your documents could be birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, experience letters, passports, visas, bank statements e.t.c. All the documents should be attested.

People who are having a tough time navigating the immigration documents notarization can benefit from seeking the services from us. Our lawyer will look at all of the facts of that case before determining the right steps to solve the client’s legal documents required for immigration either Europe, the Caribbean, or any other citizenship by investment program. Our lawyer checks all paperwork to determine if the client’s documents are eligible for notarization and provide legal advice in accordance. Our lawyers may also explain to you the drafting declarations, affidavits, affirmations needed for submission. Not only explaining about the drafting of such documents but also preparing and witness signature on it. You should submit your signed documents, notarized documents for processing your immigration applications. Incomplete documents cause delays and rejection of your applications.

notary services dubaiASD – Immigration Notarization

Attestation services Dubai here to help you with the notarization of different types of Affidavits and declarations, and deeds. we are experienced in the notarization of documents either personal or commercial. Personal documents such as passport, Identity cards, utility bills, Employment letters, experience letters, birth certificates, degree certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts, mark sheets. Commercial documents such as license, invoices, packing list, sale & purchase agreement, certificate of incumbency, memorandum, Articles of association, power of attorney. If you are an aspirant of immigration to Canada, Australia, and looking to get documents notarized. we are here to assist you with rapid and reliable services in Dubai. Affidavit of the same Name, Affidavit of Support, Statutory declaration, Single Status, Declaration, Gift deed e.t.c Book your appointment now to get your documents attested & certified straight away.

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