Who offers notarization of documents as true copies?

True copy attestation Dubai

True copy attestation Dubai. It is one of the services offered by attestation services Dubai.  We are a team of experienced advocates who do certification of documents as certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. we are experienced in certifying all types of documents not limited to personal documents; marriage certificates, birth certificates, degree certificates, diplomas, medical documents, travel documents, passport copies, utility bills, proof of identity, and proof of address, but also corporate documents; the power of attorney, memorandums, minutes of meetings, certificate of formation, license, Ejari, trade certificates, etc. Normally documents requiring true copy attestation in the emirate of Dubai include passport copies, utility bills/DEWA bills, employment letters, and any other documents issued inside or outside the country. Many times, A true copy attestation of a passport may include the lawyer confirming that the picture on the passport is true, and the same as the person. To meet this requirement, the person is needed to be present before the lawyer to carry out the requirement of certified true copy attestation.

Notarization of documents in Dubai

Mostly your document is required to be used outside the country if you are looking for certified true copy attestation. And you are most likely needed to obtain a true copy attestation of the document issued by an advocate.  You might be asked abroad to get your documents notarized in Dubai. The use of the term of ‘Notarization’ in this context refers to true copy attestation services. And such service is carried out by a lawyer. Notarization is a process where a notary public witnesses the signing of a document or verifies the correctness of a document. The notary public in the UAE witnesses a specific number of documents such as powers of attorney, signatures, memorandums of limited liability companies and certain types of documents. Notary public does not offer the service of true copies of documents such as degrees, diplomas, certificates, passport copies, and utility bills.

Certified true copy attestation in Dubai

Certification & Notarization of documents

If you need your document required to be signed in front of a notary public, it must be legally prepared in the languages either in Arabic language or in English-Arabic bilingual format with a stamp & attestation by a legal translator. If your document is needed to be used abroad, some countries do accept documents that are issued in the English language and witnessed by an advocate. Those documents include powers of attorney, affidavits and different types of application forms used for different purposes. You must verify the requirement in the relevant country before proceeding with signing the document before an advocate.

The documents that are required to be certified as true copies by an attorney Passports

  • Passport copies – proof of identity document
  • Utility bills – Proof of address document
  • Emirates ID – National Ids of concerned countries.
  • Driving licenses – International licenses
  • Bank statements – International banks
  • Academic certificates – Degrees, diploma, IELTS, Transcripts
  • Experience certificates – Statuary declaration, employment letters
  • Certificates – birth certificates, marriage certificates, live certificates.

The transactions like the second nationality, opening a bank account, submitting tax returns, selling or purchasing real estate properties or admissions in various academic institutions abroad need certification of documents, certified true copy attestation in Dubai by an attorney.

Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai

The certified true copy attestation service or a certified true copy, authenticated copy of a document in the UAE is a Xerox copy of the original document that is issued by an attorney. The original document is submitted before an attorney. An attorney with a photocopy and the lawyer verify the original document and, once confirmed with the authenticity of the original document, then stamps the photocopy stating that the photocopy of the document is correct and true and a copy of the original document. Attestation services Dubai is available to accept certified true copy attestation requests. You can book an appointment now for walk-in or online service. Our online service give you the ease to get your documents certified staying at your own choice of place either home or office. Our dedicated team is online to help you with your all certification needs. For further details, you can write us an email to info@attestationservicesdubai.com