Reliable true copy attestation services in Dubai

Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai

Authentication of documents is one of the complicated process if you are not aware about the procedure to attest copies of original documents. The attested copies of documents are called certified true copies. The certified true copies of documents can be attested by public notary or Lawyer. The attestation of document could be very fast or slower depending on service provider. It is normally required when you are not intending to submit your original documents or you are not required to submit original document rather submitting copies of same document but with legal stamp of the public notary or lawyer. The Stamp confirms that the document has been seen and sighed by notary or lawyer and has been stamped of its copies. The documents could be Identity credentials such as Passport, IDs either national Id or International IDs, and documents for proof of residence such as utility bills, DEWA, SEWA, etc.

Certified true copy attestation in Dubai is one of the requirements for Immigration purpose for countries such as Canada, United kingdom, Czech republic, United states of America, Saint Lucia, Australia, ST. Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, and citizenship by investment countries. Apart from it, certified true copy attestation services is required for opening a company outside the countries. Setting up business overseas, such as franchising your services, import & export, selling & purchasing etc.

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Attestation services Dubai

At, Attestation Services Dubai, we offer one of rapid true copy attestation services in Dubai. You can get documents certified from us same and same time once you visit us. The document attestation is straight away once you submit us your original documents. Immigration documents such as application forms, affidavits, declarations for immigration to Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Dominica, and other countries. You can reach us via Call, whatsapp, Email or filling our website form. Our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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