notary Services Dubai | Notarization services in Dubai

Notary services Dubai | Notarization services in Dubai

Doing business outside the country has never been easier. Firstly, It requires legal documents, setting up an office, opening a bank account, tax registration, accounting & bookkeeping, etc. Once you process documents for the formation of the company, you will be required to submit your document to your consultant in that country, If in fact, you will not send original documents to him/her. you will be required to send certified, and notarized copies of the document. you will be needing notary services, notarization as a true copy for documents such as; Passports, resident ID, proof of address, utility bills to send to him/her. We offer notary services in Dubai for Passport copy attestation, Utility bills, proof of address, and assistance in any of the other legal requirements you have. we guide our clients on how to attest and certify your document either from our office, or other attestation such as attestations from the ministry of foreign affairs, notary public, ministry of health, and ministry of education. etc. Hence making the procedure simple. we provide entire legal services in a single window, let it be certified true copy, attestation of forms, notarization of declaration, or any kind of other legal Services. For a lawyer to certify a document as a true copy, the owner of the document must appear personally before the lawyer and provide a valid form of identification such as a Passport, Emirates ID to get documents certified attested for him/her.

A certified true copy is a xerox, photocopy of a document. that is stamped and signed as a true copy of the original by a Notary public or else registered and authorized lawyers who are legally allowed to certify documents based on original documents. Certified true copies are true likenesses of the original document. It is a xerox copy of the original document. A copy of an original document that someone needs to be sent internationally for using overseas may have to be in the form of a notarized copy. A notarized copy will bear legal stamps on it. That copy of an original document to use internationally may also need to comply with special rules such as writing the specific sentence “The original documents are seen, and this certified copy of the original document”. The documents that are used internationally or required for different purposes are; Passport, IDs, certificates, degrees, letters, experience letters, transcripts, mark sheets, school certificates, college degrees, university degrees, diploma certificates, forms, photographs, etc. Apart from it, some documents need to be signed by clients in front of us are application forms, single status affidavits, same name affidavits, Self-declaration, affidavit of support, allowing kids to travel with mother or father or someone else. And reference letter that we draft and attest for clients based on our client’s requirements.

You should work with specialists like Attestation services Dubai who can take care of all types of legal matters. The expert guidance by Attestation Services Dubai would help our clients to emerge as successful setup of business in their particular sector or industry. The process of accomplishing a dream involves intense hard work and determination. We understand the essence of making the journey a pleasant one by providing the right support in the right direction. We do understand the requirements of our clients and we assist in a better way and provide them with expert legal advice and the right guidance to discover great victory. Attestation services Dubai will provide constant support throughout the attestation process of our clients. Drop us an Email for any related queries of Notarization or connect with us via call, Whatsapp, or filling the online form to assist you with your legal services requirements accordingly

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