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Certified True copy attestation in Dubai

Certified True copy attestation in Dubai. Omost people in UAE, organizations like Attestation Services Dubai are simply the law firms that attest to the documents. Most people are unaware of the process behind document attestation and notarization.

In UAE, a law firm acts as a witness during the signature of documents. The witness (lawyer) makes sure that the person who signs it does it willingly. In some instances, the documents are signed first and then brought to the lawyer for verification.

 SIGNATURE witnessing

There are multiple duties of Attestation Services in Dubai. Some signature related duties are:

  1. Verification of the identity of the signatory to a document that appears before the law firm.
  2. To be the witness of the signature in the document by the signer.
  • Place the seal of the law firm on the document.
  1. Verification of the completeness of the document.
  2. Verification of notary components in the document.
  3. To sign the document where it is required.

In UAE, a law firm like Attestation Services Dubai has to update records of notarial acts. These acts are completed in a notary journal. As a reputable firm always makes sure to maintain the practices of the journal, the lawyer may ask the signatories to provide thumbprints in their journal (where entries are signed).

A notarized document is vital in UAE. It acts as legal evidence that the person who signed it agrees with the terms and conditions of the document. A lawyer in Dubai verifies (under oath) that the statement in the documents is accurate and acknowledged by the signers.

OThe oath pledges that the person (signatory) is telling the truth. If the person provides wrong information during oath-taking, they may become legally accountable. People who are found guilty of providing wrong information during oath are penalized. Remember, oaths take place during a court proceeding.

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