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We offer attestation, notarization, certification, and certified true copy attestation in Dubai. You can now get your duplicate records authenticated and verified via our attestation services for all Corporate, and personal documents. The Certified true copy is provided by our firm on the spot upon submission of documents

Certified true copy attestation
Passport copy attestation
Notary services
Personal /Corporate documents attestation
Documents attestation
Declaration / Affidavits
Proof of address notarization
Proof of identity documents certification

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Attestation Services Dubai – Certified True Copy Attestation

Attestation Services Dubai offers a complete range of Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai, Notary services in Dubai, Legal services, attestation and authentication services and advocacy services for UAE residents and expats. Attestation services Dubai provides legal attestation services in Dubai. Our vast experience of years and detailed knowledge of local UAE laws, Dubai laws, labor laws, international and national laws have helped us create an extensive clientele. We serve clients from all business and industry sectors, including real estate, construction, engineering, banking, media, and many others. Our team of professional advocates contributes towards reaching our firms’ goals collectively. Communicating in various languages, we can understand what each client demands and how to help them achieve their causes. We have extensive experience dealing with all UAE courts and their respective cases, providing legal counsel to numerous clients over two decades. Our legal Attestation and Notary services have provided attestation services to clients from all divisions after proper confirmation and documentation of each requirement. You can write to us at

Attestation & Certification services

Attestation Services Dubai is ranked among some of the top certified Attestation and notary services providers. We have earned this sport due to the absolute precision, unparalleled customer service, and responsiveness we offer to our clients. We are licensed to provide certified true copy Attestation and notary services. Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled advocates & legal consultants who have been providing private notarization services in Dubai to individual clients as well as companies. What makes us different from other service providers is how we always prioritize our client’s convenience. Therefore, our lawyers will be readily available to cater to your needs, regardless of where you are – at your home, office, or any other place.

Legal Documents Drafting & notarization

Attestation services in Dubai encapsulate a wide range of legal drafting and attestations. These legal documents include power of attorney, MOA (memorandum of association), an amendment to Memorandum of Association, endorsement of signature, declarations, sales, and purchase contracts, job offers, legal notices, and several others. You can easily proceed with all the legal procedures and transactions through the online platform, using the official website. It must be noted that legal procedures are quite tedious and they take a lot of time and effort. However, the ease of the online platform will save you a great deal of time. If you have any attestation or notarization service needs, you can always approach us through email, phone number, or contact form.

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Notarization – Certification – witnessing – legalization

Dubai is the business hub for the world. It is natural for investors from all over the world to gravitate to this beautiful port. Many would even wish to settle here for good. Documentation is a crucial matter for the UAE government. Paperwork and attestation can become a severe issue for investors, potential employees, and potential settlers. Attestation Services Dubai is here to help you with your documentation needs. Getting documents attested/Certified can be a severe hassle sometimes. It can become unmanageable and consume a sizable chunk of your time and energy. When you choose us, you won’t have to worry about attestation/notarization anymore.

Our Goal

Simple legal processes can become complications in the minds of those who aren’t associated with the field of law. Whether you are visiting for a conference, job opportunity, investment purpose, or generally visiting UAE, choosing us will make your stay here smooth and pleasant. Our goal is to make legal matters easily understandable to our clients.

Choosing us will have you the proper document notarization and attestation for you to use conveniently. We help make the documentation processes so easy and manageable that it’s not even an issue for our clients.

At Attestatoin services Dubai

We offer wide range of Services

Notarization and Authentication

General Affidavits, Affidavit for various purpose including declarations for various purposes are notarized in our office. Affirmations, consent letters, passport copies, utility bills, certificates degrees, experience letters, salary slips, reference letters are attested as well

Immigration Documents Attestation

Get your Europe immigration documents notarized by us. We offer notary services to our esteemed clients. Applications, Affidavits, Declarations, Statutory declarations, experience letters are attested for Canada, Australia, United kingdom, Dominica. And foreign documents attestation.

Certified True Copy Attestation

We offer certified true copy attestation in Dubai. You can now get your duplicate records authenticated and verified via our attestation services for all Corporate, and personal documents. The Certified true copy is provided by our firm on the spot upon submission of documents

Private Notary Services

Government-regulated law firms can act as private notaries. The government prefers residents of the UAE to have easy procedures. Our clients can now avail Private Notary Services via our firm. you can reach for all types of documents notarization either corporate, personal, official documentation

Legal Services

Our clients can consult us for any UAE-related legal matters. We’d be happy to assist them in any way possible. Our team of professional legal consultants are well experienced with UAE laws and assist our clients for foreign legal documentation. Foreign documents are verified and attested in office

Attestation services

he UAE government is very particular about the documentation. Our firm offers attestation services in Dubai so that paperwork and attestation aren’t an issue for those who wish to stay here. Be it birth certificate, educational certificates, or any certification for that matter.

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Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. This firm certified my documents with best price and customer service was excellent 👌.

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Notary services in Dubai. Certified copies of Passport, utility bills for real estate transaction abroad. Professional staff. Excellent services

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Superb! I got my documents certified from this agency straight away. Appreciated fast service. Professional team

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Attestation process saves times by providing a one-stop-shop for document verification and authentication

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Attestation in Dubai insures that the documents are legally recognized and accepted for official and legal transactions.


Attestation services Dubai is cost-effective as it  eliminates the need to go through multiple channels for document verification.

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