Where do I get documents Certified & attested in Dubai?

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Certified true copy attestation services Dubai

Certified true copy attestation in Dubai for Passport copy attestation is rendered by us in Dubai, utility bills, experience letters, degrees certificates, etc. attestation services in Dubai offering you accurate attestation services in Dubai, with market competitive rates, then you are at the right place. Our firm  is providing legal attestation services in Dubai and witness of signature services. What you need to know about us for getting document attested; submit us the original documents and a Xerox copy of that document. The original document will be checked and reviewed by our professional team and certified as a true copy based on you needs as instructed by concerned bank, university, college or other authority. Book an appointment now for all your legal queries.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is a government department that regulates the documentation attestation services, The MOFAIC is responsible for shaping the foreign policy of a country. This department is authorized by legal law from the government to verify and certify documents that have been attested by other government authorities. The MOFAIC conducts a thorough investigation into the verification process of documents before forwarding the documents to the relevant local embassy of the country where you need to send documents to. The MOFAIC operates on a certain set of guidelines that have been set by the government. There are certain documents that the MOFAIC is to attest and witness. However, there are other legal documentation that cannot be verified by MOFAIC due to their invalidity and authenticity, or their importance of legality in their own respective. The MOFAIC attest the following documents:

  • Educational Documents: Students planning to go abroad for studies, or people applying for immigrations required to get their educational docs such as their high-school certificates, college degrees and diplomas, university degrees and doctorates certified. This is required by law in the country they intend to move for study or job, for verificationthat the document is real and not fabricated.
  • Non-Educational Documents: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, are among documents that are non-educational but often need attestationfrom MOFAIC.
  • Commercial Documents:Commercial documents power of attorney, special power of attorney, trade documents and purchasing invoices can also be attested by MOFAIC. They require legal attestation and witnessing before being used abroad.


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