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Notarization of Documents in Dubai

Attestation services Dubai is a pioneer of notarization of document and Notary services Dubai. we offer notarization of passport copies, degrees, certificates, degrees, EU countries immigration document witnessing and attestation of signature of bank documents used for various banking purposes outside the country. It may be difficult for you to understand the attestation of banking documents coming from your back home country or you are planning to open a foreign account. you will b asked to certify certain types of documents and get the documents witnessed by Notary Public or a solicitor. We are here to assist you with your documents requirements as a solicitor. What we need from you is an original passport and original emirates ID and presence in our office. we will request you to sign such document from of us and we will witness your signatures on such banking documents. Registered solicitors are of proven character and integrity who can do witnessing of your signatures on such banking documents. The signing of necessary documents and transactions as well as administer declarations, affidavits. Once the solicitor witnessing is done on the required document, The witnessed documents can be submitted to the concerned bank. Firstly, the law requires the signer to sign the document in front of the notary public/lawyer. Notarization will not be done unless the signer makes a personal appearance while signing the document. Secondly, the signer has to provide a legal position or locally issued identity document and original Passport while signing any document.


notary services dubaiAttestation services Dubai -Notarization services

Attestation services in Dubai offer you reliable service of notarization of documents as a true copy. you can reach us 24/7 for you your kind assistance and attestation needs. Our team of professional lawyers is always happy to help you with your legal attestation services needs, legal advice, legal consultation, and other lawyer services in Dubai. Book an appointment now for better assistance.

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