Understanding Notarization And Attestation: Why Is it Important For Medical, Accounting And Engineering?

Understanding Notarization And Attestation: Why Is it Important For Medical, Accounting And Engineering?

For many purposes, people may come across the term Notary services Dubai attestation services. For example Traveling, schooling, applying for a job, and many other reasons require attestation and notarization.

This is one documentation process that’s a necessary requirement for many things. For instance, if someone wishes to leave their motherland to pursue a career abroad, they’ll need to prove that their documents and valid and authentic. Even for jobs and university applications, this is an important process. When it comes to authentication processes, there are two terms that are commonly used and overlapped: attestation and notarization.While it is a common mistake to use the two interchangeably, they are both different. Down below we’ll try to understand the difference between the two:


Attestation is the process of verifying documents where an uninvolved third-party testifies and witnesses the signing of documents. The person who ‘attests; can even verify the document at times. But as such they don’t have any stake whatsoever.


Notarization is an upgraded level of attestation. Notarization is the process to prevent any and all possibilities of fraud. A Notary is appointed to mediate and facilitate this process.

Attestationservicesdubai offers notary services to the clients. We also offer consultation, and legal services.

Dubai government takes documentation seriously. With improper or incomplete documentation, people can face trouble that could simply be avoided if they had proper documentation.

Notarization can seem like a tricky process to someone who isn’t affiliated with the field of law in any way. That is what we help our clients by simplifying the process and explain them in a manner that makes the concept understandable.

There are so many facets that require attestation and notarization. For instance, medical personnel who wish to work in Dubai need to have really neat and sorted documentation. We help all sorts of medical professionals with the notarization process so that their stay in Dubai is pleasant.

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