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Notary services Dubai, attestation services Dubai offers certified true copy attestation, notarization,  legalization services in Dubai.  Our team of legal consultants are experienced in notarization of documents Passports, IDs, Certificates, Degrees, transcripts, school certificates, leaving certificates etc. If you are in Dubai and looking for notarization of your document for application for visa to Canada. Than you just need to contact attestation services Dubai for notarization of your document for immigration documents of Canada. Those documents could be Passport copies, degrees, certificates, experience letters and Declaration or Affidavits etc. when you apply for employment visa of Canada, you may be required to provide a Self-declaration which will contain your job description regarding your current job experience in order to have your visa application accepted. It is very common that you have different names of spellings in schooling documents, and different names of spellings in your Passport, or national IDs, Different spellings in different documents may cause rejection of your visa application, and you need to provide a legal document such as “Same Name Affidavit” in which you need to mention that both names spellings belongs to you and need to sign such affidavit in front of legal entity.

Notary Services Dubai

Attestation services Dubai provide complete services for Preparation of affidavits & declarations for immigration of Canada. Not only preparation of affidavits, declarations but also notarization under same roof. Apart from immigration documents, attestation services does assistance for Banking documents overseas, Banking overseas is not easy cause it is far and can’t be signed such document physical, than bank may ask you to sign documents and get certified front of legal and registered entity which certify your documents and stamp sign it as per requirements of the bank. Very common document for certification may be notarization of passport copies, Bills etc. Those documents are proof of identity, proof address. You can reach us via all types of communication methods. Call, whatsapp, or Email, or filling form at our website.

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