Drafting of Declaration / Affidavit– Certified true copy attestation in Dubai

Drafting of Declaration / Affidavit– Certified true copy attestation in Dubai

Attestation services Dubai offers drafting of declaration and affidavit services in Dubai. A declaration/affidavit is a legal document confirming status/statement of individual or entity, for making crucial decisions, filing paperwork, authorizing orders and accessing documentation. It is a commonly found practice that is a part of legal services and is helpful for businesses. An affidavit has to be drafted via some rules and regulations. The legal stature of the document has made necessary to be legalized properly. Drafting an affidavit should be done through a lawyer/solicitor who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. A self-drafted affidavit can have loopholes. Hiring a solicitor is essentially benefiting for the principals because solicitor can help you drafting affidavit that is in favor of The Principals. Solicitors also know the main legal requirements of an affidavit and the different types that exist for different purposes. An affidavit drafted by a solicitor can be free from loopholes and help you acceptance of your concerned purposes.

Certified true copy Attestation services Dubai

For Individuals:  Certified true copy attestation is done for the registered lawyers. The original documents should be presented to a lawyer along with personal presence in the lawyer’s office. Certified copy of any document requires the original documents submission

Passport copy Attestation

For Individuals: Passport is an individual property, there are so many legal requirements where you need to submit your passport or certified copy for getting your legal requirement completed. If you are opening an account overseas. You will be required to send them certified true copy of passport which is done for lawyer for opening of an account in the bank overseas.

For Businesses: If you are an owner of the company and planning to franchise your services overseas, opening a branch of your company overseas, you will be required to submit certified copies of company documents along with certified copies of passport. You will also require you document to be attested by concerned authorities and ministry of foreign affairs.

Degree, Certificates, Transcripts Attestation

Another important factor to note when you are applying for immigration of Canada, UK, USA, Dominica, or countries which are citizenship by investment. You will be required to submit your educational status. Original will copies and certified by the lawyers which will be submitted to an immigration. It is one of the major requirement for acceptance of visa application.

Attestation services Dubai is here to help you with drafting of an affidavit, Drafting of Declaration, certified true copies of passports, certified true copies of degrees certificates etc. you can reach us via email, whatsapp, or call to book an appointment.

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