Drafting A POA through A Lawyer – Attestation Services Dubai

Drafting A POA through A Lawyer – Attestation Services Dubai

Attestation services Dubai offers drafting of POA services in Dubai. A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document granting permission or authority to an individual or entity, from another individual or entity for making crucial decisions, filing paperwork, authorizing orders and accessing documentation. It is a commonly found practice that is a part of legal services in Dubai and is particularly helpful in scenarios for businesses. For instance, a business owner who has a sole proprietorship has to leave the city or country for other work. In their absence, they can grant a power of attorney to someone they trust, to make the decisions, command orders and demand results on their behalf.

Drafting a POA

A power of attorney has to be drafted via some rules and regulations authorised by different governments in their respective countries. The legal stature of the document has made it very important to be legalized properly. Drafting a POA should be done through a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. A self-drafted power of attorney can have loopholes that can land you in legal and financial trouble if things ever go south.

A POA has two parties. The person granting the power to another individual is called The Principal. The person being granted the power is known as The Agent. The POA is drafted according to the needs and circumstances specified by The Principal since they are usually the actual decision-makers or sole proprietors. If The Principal is somehow incapable of drafting the POA themselves, then hiring a lawyer is essential.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is essentially beneficial for The Principal because lawyers can help draft a POA that is in favour of The Principal. Lawyers also know the main legal requirements of a POA and the different types that exist for different purposes. A power of attorney drafted by a lawyer can be free from loopholes and help you in avoiding family or business disputes. In case The Agent tries to doublecross you and use malpractice to twist their POA-granted authorities, a lawyer can help protect your assets and properties.

Types of POA

There are two types of power of attorneys in existence:

General Power of Attorney

  • For Individuals: This document allows The Principal to legally allow and authorize The Agent to make decisions on their behalf in scenarios when they aren’t available, or cannot make the decisions themselves due to any reason.
  • For Businesses: This POA allows the business owner to grant permission to the Agent to represent, manage, supervise and regulate important business decisions in absence of The Principal.
Special Power of Attorney
  • For Individuals: A special power of attorney only allows The Agent to make important decisions on behalf of The Principal in special scenarios and circumstances.
  • For Businesses: A special power of attorney for businesses means The Agent can only make certain decisions. For example, The Principal can authorize The Agent to only deal with the management decisions and nothing else.

Another important factor to note when making a power of attorney is to keep in mind that unnecessarily granting it to someone can lead you into trouble. It is always a better choice to grant special powers in special circumstances to those who you think are responsible. An unimportant POA should be avoided.

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