Certified true copy attestation services Dubai – Legalization services in Dubai

Certified true copy attestation services Dubai

Certified true copy attestation is important document needed for banking, company setup, and immigration of Canada, UK, USA, Australia, dominican citizenship application. You may be asked for notarization of copies of passports, utility bills, birth certificates, marriage certificate, assets, trade license, declarations, affidavits and other documents. True copy of document is important due to a copy of original is attested in order to avoid submission of original document. In fact an original document is mandatory kept with person since its personal property and can’t be given to any or submitted. A true copy of document contain a notary or lawyers stamp which says that the original documents has been sighed by the notary or lawyer, and this copy of document has be attested and certified as a true copy of an original documents. Certified true copy of document is usually asked by bank for opening and account and operating it for commercial purpose or personal purpose. If you are applying of commercial banking overseas you will not only be asked certified true copy of passport and proof of address but also certified copies of trade license, tax certificates and other company related documents. The bank do not ask for original document cause it is personal property and a normal copy of document is also not acceptable by bank, So the certified true copy with notary or lawyer stamps serves as legal copy or certified true copy of the original document. Attestation services Dubai offers Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. Our offer provide one of the rapid certified attestation, and legalization services for all types of documents used overseas. Application for immigration of Canada, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. You can get your document notarized and certified from attestation services Dubai within same day of submission.  Certified true copy attestation, Declaration notarization, Deeds notarization. Passport copies attestation, utility bill certification, proof of address, proof of identity, proof business and other attestation services.


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