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Certified true copy Attestation Dubai

Certified true copy attestation Dubai. It is the type of attestation of documents in Dubai. The copy of the document is attested as a certified copy with the seal, date, and name of a lawyer who attested it. The copy is requested by banks, colleges, schools, real estate, and all other transactions abroad. Carrying a transaction abroad needs necessary legal documentation and legal documents mean submitting a couple of documents. Attestation & notarization process with Attestation services Dubai is rapid. You can acquire copies of your documents attested the same day.

Certified true copy attestation of Educational Documents

If you are applying for a getting your bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree abroad. You will be required to apply with a certified true copy of all the originals you have. All the original documents need to be certified as true copies due to the original document cannot be submitted. Original documents are personal property which should be only with the owner of documents. Transcripts, certificates, diplomas, school certificates, leaving certificates, provisional certificates, and experience letters are documents that need certified true copy attestation. Attestation services Dubai accepts online or walk-in clients for all types of certified true copy attestation for educational documents

certified true copy attestation Dubai
true copy attestation in Dubai

Certified true copy attestation For Getting Job Abroad

If you are staying in Dubai and have a great experience, degree, and skills to grow your career. You can apply for you further development of your career abroad. The documents that you submit for getting a job need attestation as a true copy.  The experience letters, offer letters, pay slips, employment contracts, employment certificates, degrees, technical diplomas, and skill certificates need to be attested before you submit. All the documents should be presented to us with originals and copies if you have planned to get certified copies of it valid for immigration abroad. Attestation services Dubai certified a great number of documents for its clients who applied for universities, colleges, schools, etc. Not limited to universities, colleges, and schools, but also real estate, banks, marriage, divorce, agreements, contracts, licenses, and other all types of documents certified. you can write us at info@attestationservicesdubai.com for all your queries related to certified true copy attestation.