Attestation Services Dubai – Notary Services in Dubai – Fast true copy Attestation

Attestation Services Dubai – Notary Services in Dubai – Fast true copy Attestation

Certified true copy attestation in Dubai – Experience Solicitors at your service.

Certified true copy attestation is one of the important requirements for business purposes. It is a requirement for many businesses. Authorized solicitors are one to do Certified true copy attestation in Dubai. It has been a basic legal term used for the replica of the original document. In actuality, this is a photocopy of the genuine document. It has the signature and stamp of the solicitor, who confirmed that the document is an accurate copy.  Certified true copies are required when the original documents are not submitted to the authorities. Getting a certified true copy of the document is easy to get, but how you do it depends on the law of the residence of your country and the purpose of authentication.

Legal Documents that need Notarization

All types of original documents can be notarized as a true copies. The most common types of documents are; Passports, utility bills, driving licenses, Experience letters, Degrees, Certificates e.t.c.  You can submit us the following documents for notarization.

  • Passports
  • Utility bills & Telephone bills
  • Tenancy contracts & Rental agreement
  • Experience letters & Reference letters
  • Degrees, Certificates, Transcripts, Mark sheet, School certificates, and Pass Certificates e.t.c
  • The affidavit, Declarations, Affirmations.
  • Immigration Documents for Canada, UK, Australia, Dominica, USA, Czech republic, Citizenship by investment countries.


Certified -true-copy-attestation-in-DubaiA certified true copy document is an important source for the verification of the document. Attestation Services Dubai receives requests from their clients where they submit original documents to different third parties including; banks, business setup, real estate, and other regulatory institutions. A great number of clients opt us to request certified true copy attestation services in Dubai when they need to prepare documents for Banking, Business setup, Real estate transactions, immigration to countries like United Kingdom, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Dominica, Portugal, Czech e.t.c

When you receive the true copy attestation for your passport, utility bill, degrees, certificates. The solicitor verifies your original document in person, make a copy of documents, and certifies with stamps.

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Sufi Hasnain.


Certified true copy attestation services in Dubai. This firm certified my documents with best price and customer service was excellent 👌.

Ekaterna J


Notary services in Dubai. Certified copies of Passport, utility bills for real estate transaction abroad. Professional staff. Excellent services

Vicky Khur


Superb! I got my documents certified from this agency straight away. Appreciated fast service. Professional team

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Time saving process

Attestation process saves times by providing a one-stop-shop for document verification and authentication

Legal recognition of documents

Attestation in Dubai insures that the documents are legally recognized and accepted for official and legal transactions.


Attestation services Dubai is cost-effective as it  eliminates the need to go through multiple channels for document verification.

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